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onepoint PROJECTS's Enterprise Cloud/Server versions allow you to license additional, optional modules that are called "options". Options provide functionality that is important for many of our customers, but not for everyone. They allow us to keep our base product as simple as possible while providing you with the ability to only license what you really need.

Portfolio Analysis

The Portfolio Analysis Option facilitates the alignment of projects to strategic goals. Projects can be rated using both top-down and bottom-up criteria linked to real-time project fields. Users can analyze portfolios via tabular views, bubble charts, and a unique project symbol visualization.

Portfolio Analysis Tutorial

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Planning & Controlling

The Planning & Controlling Option allows us to keep our base product really simple by supplying detailed planning features such as an interactive WBS, activity scheduling, visual resource planning and more complex controlling tools such as milestone trend analysis and Earned Value optional.

Program Management

Larger, complex projects cannot be efficiently planned by using a single project plan. onepoint's Program Management Option allows you to split projects into a number of sub-projects. Each sub-project manager can then decide which activities are visible in the overall program plan.

Stakeholder Analysis

The Stakeholder Analysis Option allows for revision-safe stakeholder planning complete with respective measures. The controlling component provides a visual stakeholder analysis based on power, interest and attitude. In addition, a stakeholder traffic light can be configured on for status reports and overviews.

Risk Management

The Risk Management Option provides the project manager with the ability to manage a version-controlled risk matrix for each project including risk description, probability and impact. Optionally, global risk categories can be defined in order to make risks comparable across projects.

Risk Management Tutorial

Status Reporting

The Status Reporting Option provides you with a fast and effective way of ensuring regular project status reporting. Management reporting is facilitated via a traffic lights-based status overview and IPMA-compliant, printable PDF reports such as project order and project status.

Status Reporting Tutorial

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Strategic Management

The new Strategic Management Option allows top management to plan, communicate, and control their strategic vision. Users can break this vision down into goals and initiatives, and implement these by linking them to one or more strategic projects in order to directly connect strategy to project execution.

Strategic Management Teaser

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Jira Connector

The Jira Connector Option provides a real-time, bidirectional integration between onepoint and Atlassian's Jira. By incorporating the synced data into our integrated project database we can extend Jira seamlessly with standards-based portfolio management as well as resource scheduling.

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Exchange Connector

The Exchange Connector Option provides push-synchronization of onepoint activities to Microsoft Exchange. In addition, out-of-office time can be synced back to onepoint in the form of unavailability periods. An optional plug-in provides direct access to time tracking from Outlook.

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Portfolio Analysis, Status Reporting, JIRA Connector, or Risk Management — What Is Important for Your Business?

Many clients choose the Portfolio Analysis, Controlling Cycle, JIRA Connector, and Risk Management options. The Portfolio Analysis Option is usually used by large organizations with many projects for prioritizing. Good portfolio analysis supports the management in decision-making processes. The same is true for status reporting, i.e. the Controlling Cycle Option. The management always wants to be up-to-date about ongoing projects. Status reports must be periodic, comparable, objective and quickly assessable. The latter is for instance ensured by the clear design of onepoint’s report templates. Our JIRA Connector Option is naturally used by companies with JIRA projects. Especially if you have both traditional and JIRA, or JIRA agile projects, it is simply practical to manage all projects in one solution. But let’s move on to our Risk Management Option. Risk management is usually important for companies with a lot of complex projects. This often comes along with high costs and resource consumption. Risks will be listed in tabular form in onepoint. It is possible to link activities to certain risks and to add responses. A clear bubble chart visualization helps to quickly assess and compare risks. This way, project goals are reached easier and costs remain within a planned budget. So evaluate all traditional and JIRA projects with our portfolio analysis, stay always up-to-date with onepoint’s quickly assessable status reports and manage your risks easily with our Risk Management Option.

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